To ksero tha rtheis ksana – Anna Vissi

Anna Vissi sings To ksero tha rtheis ksana, a tender love song translated to “I know you will come again”. If you hear this song it will definitely remind you of something. It is the Greek version of the song “I am a woman in love”, by Barbra Streisand, one of the most famous love songs ever written – and probably the song- trademark of this important American performer. Garry Gibb’s music was used as a base and Giorgos Kanellopoulos wrote the lyrics for Anna Vissi.

The song “To kser0 tha rtheis ksana” refers to a breakup, to a relationship that ended but a love that survives and makes us believe our beloved person will come again, tell us that his heart hurts and that he cannot live alone. Hopeful thoughts or not, we always want to believe that the man with whom we have shared moments and years will never be able to get into other arms. And even if this happens it wont be for long. And he will come again.

Although “Woman in love” is one of the best songs ever written, the Greek song with Anna Vissi is a great adaptation in the Greek language.

Lyrics: Giorgos Kanellopoulos
Music: Barry Gibb
Performed by Anna Vissi

To ksero tha rtheis ksana 

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