To palio mou palto – English lyrics

The lyrics of the song To palio mou palto by Christos Dantis translated to English


To palio mou palto – English Lyrics

I have fallen, now I’m crying on my old coat
Which I had forgotten in the closed attic
In it’s pockets I have crumbs of some snack
And in it’s lining – a place for brandy for the journey

So many cold moments, still warm in my  heart
At the movies and on the roads later on
Travellings tought me to wander in cold-blood
To have fun, even in stormy weather

My old coat…

The cigarette died out on the wet ground
Under a shelter we sat and we had a great time
And one crazy night in one empty train car
We stayed up till morning and it was snowing outside

How did the years go by, what is this that I’m wearing
What satin, which silk will take me out for a dance
I’m giving my old coat to you
Take care of it, my little one, because it is like me

To palio mou palto 

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