To S’agapo – Michalis Hatzigiannis

Michalis Hatzigiannis sings To S’agapo, a Greek song which in English means “The I Love You”, a love song about people who are afraid of these three words…

When all rainbows turn dark, then we see what it was all about – we look back with no fear and no hope because we don’t have what to lose anymore. Maybe we were just very young “for such enigmas” and maybe love is an ultimate enigma even when we think we walked many roads. It hurts anyway, but it hurts differently when we open for the first time and let the heart soar with no boundaries. When we hit the ground, the world collapses with us.

“For years I’ve been trying, what for years you’re avoiding the ‘I love you’, the ‘I love you’”. How hard is that to face, and even harder to accept? What you have been doing all those years? And now when you know that everything was in vain, that your love was to be avoided, to be entangled in the trammel, you know that is better to let it go. Otherwise you can bond to your failure, to a memory of your own previous self, the one that loved, hoped, loved. Now you know nad have not much to say but: “ Maybe you were right to resist, both to ‘I love you’ and to me.

To S'agapo 

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