Vrehei fotia sti strata mou – Stratos Dionysiou

Stratos Dionysiou sings Vrehei fotia sti strata mou, one of the most beloved and popular Greek songs, which means “It’s raining fire on my way”.

Vrehei fotia sti strata mou is probably one of the best zeibekika songs ever written and it was first heard in a popular Greek movie called “Oratotis Miden” – which means “No visibility”.

The song Vrexei fotia sti strata mou plays in one of the most distinctive scenes of the movie and the protagonist and big star of the time, Nikos Kourkoulos, with his infamous macho style, sets all his belongings on fire.

Vrehei fotia sti strata mou is a song for those who have lost everything, or have nothing to lose anymore as life has been unfair to them. Above all, though, the song is a great reminiscent of Stratos Dionysiou, one of the most popular singers in Greece, who died many years ago, but his songs are still played and are considered among the best Greek songs ever.

Vrehei fotia sti strata mou is written by Lefteris Papadopoulos and the music is by Mimis Plessas. It has been sang by many other singers as well, but no one can really cause us the goosebumps of the original performance. Despite the not so perfect image, we choose to play the original version from the movie, as it’s probably the best way to listen to this song.

Vrexei fotia sti strata mou 

4 thoughts on “Vrehei fotia sti strata mou – Stratos Dionysiou”

  1. Hello,

    Im learning the Greek language and my partners always plays this song. I was wondering if u have the lyrics of this song in English. Not a translation but the lyrics so I can learn . For example: ( Vrexei fotia sti strata mou), english letters but spelling greek word

    hope u can help

  2. Have you got any idea if there ever was a soundtrack of this film released?
    Or do you know which record label owns the rights of this song?

    • There is no soundtrack, but the song was included in the album “Mazi me to Strato” of Stratos Dionisiou, under the label of Columbia


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