Ah Koritsi mou – Giannis Ploutarchos

Giannis Ploutarchos sings Ah koritsi mou, a love song which means Ah my girl. This is a Greek song that has been quite popular since it was released a few years ago, sung by Giannis Ploutarchos, who has associated his name with love songs.

The song Ah koritsi mou is a typical love song about the new love, when a man is asking for his new lover, to be present in his life, seduced by his love making. The song is quite tender and romantic, probably one of the songs that most women would like to hear from their lover. Simple and meaningful, as love should be.

Music: Kosmas Kifokeris
Lyrics: Alexis Serkos
Performed by: Giannis Ploutarchos

Ah Koritsi mou 

2 thoughts on “Ah Koritsi mou – Giannis Ploutarchos”


    I fell in love with this song just by hearing it although I don’t know a word of greek.
    Could you please please give me the pronunciation in English of the Greek??? I want to be able to sing it!

    Efharisto para poly 😉

    • Hi Loulou,
      here are the lyrics in Greeklish. I hope it helps.

      Ah koritsi mou – Giannis Ploutarhos

      Mou eleipses apopse tha to matheis
      San ftaseis mystika tha sou to po
      Perimena na’rtheis sta matia na me deis
      Na sou zitiso oti lahtaro

      Ah koritsi mou
      Stous htipous tis kardias mou
      Apopse horepse
      Ftera aggelou sto kormi mou forese
      Na ftaso os ti porta tou ouranou
      Ah koritsi mou
      Dika sou tis psihis mou t’afanerota
      Ta ekripsa se vradia aksimerota
      Kanenas mi ta dei mono esy

      Perimena toso kairo esena
      Na ertheis sth zoi mou na faneis
      Ego se kartero sou fonaza edo
      Na meineis mi peraseis kai diaveis


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