Dodeka – Anna Vissi

Anna Vissi sings Dodeka, a legendary Greek song which in English means “12 o’clock” refering to Midnight.

Just say “dodeka” somewhere in Greece and you will hear as an echo “not even one phone call”. Nobody will look at you – people will just quote this song and keep doing whatever they did before you mentioned “a word”. It’s one of the older songs but its lyrics are so evergreen and probing that it crossed generations while not dusting at all.

Waiting, waiting, and waiting. What could be worse? Your eyes, your all senses are focused on that phone that doesn’t ring. Your love is turning into pain, into agony that “has grown like a mountain”. With each minute and hour passed the “distance between us in growing”. You want to scream your love out but you want to hear yourself saying that everything is over. You are tormented, you lost, you don’t know anymore what to do, how to stop that suffering. The hope was hung.

Dodeka. Not even one phone call!


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