I thalassa ki esi – English lyrics

The lyrics of the song I thalassa ki esi by Marinella and Dalaras translated to English

I thalassa ki esi – English lyrics

I don’t know what, I don’t know how
I love you, I am scattering like light
and my voice, then, like the water
following the wind’s yes
will unite with the wave
until the sky bows to meet it
look at yourself, then, in that mirror of water…

Amore mio
Si nun ce stess’o mare e tu
Nun ce stesse manch’io
Amore mio
L’amore esiste quanno nuje
Stamme vicino a dio

Let me sail on, without oars,
a lonely boat with a red heart
saying, my life, look: no sails,
no ballast, together until the end
to where the dream turns the corner
Where am I going, who am I, where will I end up, dear heart?
Let’s go dear soul, little boat, let’s sail tonight

Love is
your eyes and the sea
be my infinite
Love is
the wave longing
to hear this “stay!

There is no goodbye
the reason that brought us together tonight, the two of us
There is no goodbye
Our songs are dolphins
to the white ship of time

I thalassa ki esi 

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