I thalassa ki esi – Marinella, Dalaras

Giorgos Dalaras and Marinella sing ” I thalassa ki esi” (η θάλασσα κι εσύ in Greek), a song which translates to “The sea and you”.

I thalassa ki esy is a Greek song, the Greek version of the very known and loved song ” O Mare e tu” that we got to know with the voices of Andrea Bocelli and Dulce Pontes.

The original song in Portuguese and Italian became one of the greatest hits internationally due to the amazing voices of the duet, and we were lucky enough to see an equally great Greek song with the lyrics of Lina Nikolakopoulou.

The song I thalassa ki esi is a ballad that makes use of the most beloved and familiar element to the Greeks: the sea. In the original version the same theme is used as well, since all the people in the Mediterranean Sea love the beautiful blue sea that surrounds their countries. The sea is actually a friend, an element that is stable and always around, marking the mentality and way of life of the Mediterranean people.

Love is
your eyes and the sea
be my infinite
Love is
the wave longing
to hear this “stay!

The Greek lyrics follow the path of the original lyrics as well; the sea and the loved person are the most important elements in life to be happy. What more can someone ask than love in the eyes of the significant one and the sea?

I thalassa ki esi 

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