Mesogeios – English Lyrics

The lyrics of the song Mesogeios by Melina Mercouri translated to English

Lyrics: Dimitris Christodoulou
Music: George Moustaki
Performed by: Melina Mercouri

Mesogeios – English Lyrics

They call it Mediterranean and naked they play
dark eyed children, bitter statues
it gave birth to the gods, Christ himself
summer is not afraid of weather there,
in the Mediterranean

Blood – tampered centuries (exist) there
the rocks and the headlands and the deep silence
islands like pigeons, eternal prisons
summer is not afraid of rains there,
in the Mediterranean

Valleys and olives get lost in fire
hands stay lonely and the bodies empty
nations of despair and the bitterness of death
summer does not lose its’ wings there,
in the Mediterranean

Here in that lake I was born too
Mediterranean of fear and bitter times
dreams that played in deep waters
and became lonely trees in dry islands
in the Mediterranean

Heavy clouds hide the Parthenon
In Spain the word ‘liberty’ is lost
but if Athens still is a bitter dream
summer is not afraid of weather there
in the Mediterranean.


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