Mesogeios – Melina Mercouri

Melina Mercouri sings Mesogeios, a Greek song translated to the Mediterranean Sea. This is one of Melina’s most known songs, and definitely one of the most moving and touching songs ever, especially for people born and raised in the Mediterranean. The song Mesogeios is sung by Melina here, although the original version belongs to George Moustaki, who also composed the music of the song.

The song refers to the sufferings of the  people living in the Mediterranean; it is a song written by a great Greek poet who wrote the song for Melina, who was deprived of her Greek citizenship, by the dictators. It is a song that talks about the bitterness of the reality of people in the Mediterranean, while they live in such a gorgeous place such as the Mediterranean, with its amazing light. “Athens still is a bitter dream summer is not afraid of weather there”; this is a characteristic verse of the song, depicting the reality of the conditions when the song was written.

Melina’s voice is throaty and theatrical, and warm enough for this lovely Greek song.


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