Osa i agapi onirevete – Alkinoos Ioannidis

Alkinoos Ioannidis sings Osa i agapi onirevete, a very popular Greek song that in English means “Whatever love dreams of”.

Ioannidis sealed one of the Greek most loved love songs with his signature. His music and his lyrics in “Whatever love dreams of” weaved through each other, throughout our hearts, smiles and, some tears of course. There is so much love waiting in this song, inviting, promising, flirting…and yet, it’s a simple and honest tribute to love which exists now. Not the one of yesterday, not a one that could come tomorrow…”To find new songs, new musical ways to serenade you”

“Whatever love dreams of life lets them remain only dreams” and we agree while singing. Then it comes: “Whoever truly falls in love though makes prayer of the pain” and we agree again. Is love just a dream? Even if it is supposed to be, we’ll still make that “boat of a kiss”.

Osa i agapi onirevete 

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