Oti agapo einai diko sou – Glikeria

Oti agapo einai diko sou sings Glikeria, a Greek song that in English means “Everything I love belongs to you”. It’s a love song with wonderful lyrics that touch your soul right away, because they refer to feelings we have all experienced when losing our love.

“My loneliness is like a wet cloth,as night is getting heavier”. Lyrics that depict descriptively and precisely the heaviness and burden of loneliness, especially after having experienced love and sharing with someone. The deep fear and sorrow for the lost love, the darkness of love ending, the meaningless moments..

Some times when our love leaves we feel that we have nothing to smile about, nothing to love, nothing to admire any more “Everything I love belongs to you,and you took it away”. Simple but emotional and truthful. Glikeria sings this song in a very touching and simple way, enhancing the lyrics and sensitivity of the song.

Oti agapo einai diko sou 

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