Reality show with Anna Vissi

A new reality show with Anna Vissi is hosted in Greek TV these days; it is called “Oso eho foni” (As long as I have a voice) and reveals us the life of the famous Greek singer Anna Vissi.

Oso echo foni is a unique production for Greek standards, with many hours of shooting, revealing interviews and unexpected moments, with Anna Vissi sharing with us her life away from the public lights, revealing us a part of her unknown to the general public.

The idea came three years ago when the Greek American director Christine Krokos decided to record on camera all the music tours, trips and personal moments of Anna: all the routes from her home in Cyprus, the concerts abroad, the rehearsals, the moments with her people.

The known journalist, lyric writer and author Mytro Kontova has edited the available material of nine hundred hours, divided it into stories and filled it with interviews of close friends, collaborators and Anna herself, allowing the viewers to see the other side of the superstar – mother, daughter, sister, friend, co-worker.

The 1st episode of Vissi’s reality show

The viewers stayed tuned to watch the much expected rockumentary of the Greek star. Social media platforms were on fire, with numerous comments about the new show. Of course, there were various opinions, but the reality show with Anna Vissi caught attention.

In the 1st episode we watched the singer visiting her parents in Cyprus and going to the US to see her daughter Sophia, talking about the men in her life and revealing unknown pictures and videos.

Regardless of everything, Anna gave the viewers the impression that she wishes to present unknown moments from the professional and personal life, commenting them in a humorous way, and revealing some feelings and thoughts. We should definitely note that direction, editing and cinematography are impeccable!

Anna Vissi talking about herself

Watching the reality show we saw moments of Anna’s everyday life along with her family, and we saw her talking about the love affairs she had, including Antonis Samaras, the politician and leader of the right-wing party “Nea Dimokratia”. Anna revealed that she was involved with Samaras, before she got married to Nikos Karvelas.

The first episode ended with the beloved singer getting ready to have a surgery to her vocal chords. We will be watching the second episode for more details on her life. The camera was indeed there in the operation room to record the event, but also the feelings of the singer who wished that everything would go well.

The recovery of the singer was combined with her meeting with her friend, Patricia Field, who is the stylist and costume designer of the series Sex and the city. The two of them met at Patricia’s home and then went for a walk in downtown New York.

Anna Vissi opens up as never before, showing her “human” self. She is moved, touched by people and facts, loves, hugs, but also finds herself in hospital. Anna’s summer time in the US is recorded and showed in this episode, following Anna to her American tour. Vissi visited numerous Northern American cities, including Vancouver, Chicago, Atlanta, Las Vegas and more.

We are expecting for the next episodes of the reality show with anticipation, since it’s something completely new in Greek TV.

Vissi Oso echo foni 

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