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Sto parathyri provale - Nana Mouskouri

Sto parathyri provale – Nana Mouskouri

Nana Mouskouri sings Sto parathyri provale, a Greek folk song from the islands which translates to “Show up to the Window” in English. Sto parathyri provale is one of the most known traditional songs in Greece, belonging to the “nisiotika” genre. Sto parathiri provale is a typical nisiotika songs that have charmed and captivated the […]

Erotokritos - Nikos Xilouris

Erotokritos – Nikos Xilouris

The voice of Nikos Xilouris in the magnificent poem Erotokritos have embedded in everyone’s memory as if an indispensable combination: the ideal voice of Nikos Xilouris for one of the masterpieces of poetry and Greek music. Who could anyway perform Erotokritos better than Xilouris, who is the voice of Crete, the man who taught simplicity […]

Hilia Miria kimata - Nikos Xilouris

Hilia Miria kimata – Nikos Xilouris

Nikos Xilouris sings the song Hilia Miria Kimata, a Greek song which translates to “A hundred thousand waves” in English. It is one of the most known songs sung by Nikos Xilouris, one of the many he has marked with his voice. Hilia Miria Kimata is a song for the lost regions, the lost country […]


Popular dances of Macedonia

The dances of Macedonia just like the costumes are colorful and vary from area to area, as the folk Greek music in the region.  The list of dances originating from the region of Macedonia is endless, as they have numerous variations due to many additions and changes that occurred throughout the years. The names of […]

Makedonia ksakousti

Makedonia ksakousti

Makedonia Ksakousti is a traditional Greek song, a folk song considered something like the anthem of Macedonia in Northern Greece. It is translated to “Famous Macedonia”. It is a song much beloved by the Greeks, especially the ones in Northern Greece. The song Makedonia Ksakousti is associated with the Macedonian fighters also known as Makedonomahoi […]


Greek music of Macedonia

Greek music from Macedonia is diverse, rhythmic and very distinctive. The region of Macedonia in North Greece is one of the richest in music expression and dances. The Greek music of Macedonia belongs to the musical idioms of mainland Greece but also presents an interesting internal diversity, due to the great mass of refugees that […]

To Tsambasin - Petros Gaitanos

To Tsambasin – Petros Gaitanos

Petros Gaitanos sings Tsambasin, one of the most known traditional songs from Pontus. The song refers to the ravage of Tsambasin, a town in Pontus. It is written in the local dialect, that is why it is hard for the Greeks as well to understand the lyrics. It is a combination of the language spoken […]

Poio to hroma tis agapis - Loudovikos ton Anogeion

Poio to hroma tis agapis – Loudovikos ton Anogeion

Loudovikos ton Anogeion sings Poio to hroma tis agapis, a Greek song for love, which means What is the color of love, in English. The song is composed following the rhythm and pattern of Cretan music, like a mantinada, since Loudovikos is a Cretan composer and singer from Anogeia in Crete. What is the color […]

Sihna Roto - Dimitris Spiridakis

Sihna Roto – Dimitris Spiridakis

Dimtris Spiridakis sings Sihna roto, which means “I often ask” in English. Sihna Roto is a tender and somewhat nostalgic song for love written and composed by Giannis Psaroudakis. The song Sihna Roto is a modern Cretan song for a lost love… it is a song full of questions, which usually wander around our minds […]

Sto 'pa kai sto ksanaleo - Giorgos Dalaras

Sto ‘pa kai sto ksanaleo – Giorgos Dalaras

Giorgos Dalaras sings Sto pa kai sto ksanaleo, a traditional Greek song, which means I told you this and I am telling you again. Sto pa kai sto ksanaleo has been described by many as a love song, although the truth is that it probably reflects the feelings and reality of the people involved in […]

Gianni mou to mantili sou - Glikeria

Gianni mou to mantili sou – Glikeria

Glikeria sings Gianni mou to mantili sou, a Greek song which means “My John your handkerchief”. This is a traditional Greek song from Epirus and we post it here as part of the tribute to name Giannis, celebrating his nameday on January 6th. The song “Gianni mou to mantili sou” is a traditional song from […]

Astra mi me malonete - Manolis Lidakis

Astra mi me malonete – Manolis Lidakis

Manolis Lidakis sings Astra mi me malonete, a Greek song that means “Stars don’t scold me”. Astra mi me malonete is a cretan song, a mantinada, the typical type of Cretan songs, with the distinctive sound and rimes, the repetition of verses and words. Astra mi me malonete is a love song, and as most […]


Melisma in Nisiotika songs

In some of the most known Nisiotika songs, such as “Tzivaeri” or “Na s’agapo inta thela”, the pleasing melody pampers everyone ears and can definitely please the casual listener, but the lyrics demand more careful and educated ear. The reason is “melisma”, a musical term that derives from the ancient language, referring to group of […]


Ballos dance of the Greek Islands

One of the most known and lovely to dance or watch Greek Dances is ballos, the dance of the Greek islands. Ballos is a syrtos dance, which means that the dancers drag their steps following the rhythm of the music, but it is far different than the numerous types of syrtos dances in Greece. Ballos […]

Sala Sala - Giannis Parios

Sala Sala – Giannis Parios

Sala Sala, sung here by Giannis Parios, is Greek song belonging to the genre of folk songs. The song can be translated as “In the living room” since this is the translation of the word Sala, but this interpretation is actually too simplistic. The song was created in Aivali, Ayvalık in Turkish, by the Greeks […]