Greek love songs for Valentine’s Day

How many Greek love songs for Valentine’s day can you think of?

The truth is that the list of Greek songs for love, passion, desire and everything between is endless, simply because Greek people are sentimental and not afraid to express their feelings to their fullest.

Greek songs for Valentine’s day

Countless Greek songs have been written about love. All these songs are odes to Eros, the winged god of love, and some of them have been adopted as anthems of our small personal stories.

There is no man going through love, or the pain of love – particularly in the early stages -, who is not singing a love song with matching weeping; even if the particular song is the most unlikely song for him. The love-struck man speaks the same music language with all the others in love –  with the same song, whether he is a coffee maker or a CEO, whether a Pakistani or Greek, whether Christian or Kabalist.

In love, we are all one!  Which of us has not fallen in love, has not felt excited, or frustrated, has not cried listening to a song? Music and love are like chocolate and wine… two amazing tastes that taste even better together. Although pretty much anything sounds nice and lovely when you are in love, there are some standout songs in Greek music that make the feeling even more special.

Greek love songs cover pretty much all genres of the Greek music, from laika and rempetika songs, to pop and entechni music, performed by other major Greek singers, or newer but promising voices.

Feeling like dedicating a Greek love song to your beloved one on Valentine’s day? The flowers smell great and taking your better half for a romantic dinner is a good idea, but giving your lover a CD full of romantic songs for Valentine’s day, is always appreciated… This is why we have compiled a short list of Greek love songs for Valentine’s day this year.

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