Na m’agapas – Pavlos Sidiropoulos

Pavlos Sidiropoulos sings Na m’agapas, a Greek song which means “Love me”. Both the song and Sidiropoulos are legendary themes for Greeks, especially for younger generations that are attracted by the sensitivity of the song and the story of the … Read more

Akrogialies Dilina – Dimitra Galani

Dimitra Galani sings Akrogiales Dilina, a very popular Greek song that means “Seashores and Sunsets”, one of the most beloved laika song, composed by Vasilis Tsitsanis, an immensely important Greek Composer. The song reflects the pain and quest of a … Read more

Erotiko – Haris Alexiou

Haris Alexiou sings “Erotiko“, a famous Greek song meaning “Erotic. The song has a second title, “Me mia piroga”, which means “With a Pirogue”. Erotiko,  is one of the most distinctive Greek Songs, massively loved by the Greeks. It is … Read more

Osa i agapi onirevete – Alkinoos Ioannidis

Alkinoos Ioannidis sings Osa i agapi onirevete, a very popular Greek song that in English means “Whatever love dreams of”. Ioannidis sealed one of the Greek most loved love songs with his signature. His music and his lyrics in “Whatever … Read more

Keravnos ki Astrapi – Pantelis Thalassinos

Pantelis Thalassinos sings Keravnos ki Astrapi, a Greek song which means in English “Thunder and Lighting”. When all hopes faded except that last one, the one that neither heart nor mind know how to call, here it comes “Keravnos ki … Read more

S’agapo – Tzeni Vanou

Tzeni Vanou sings “S’agapo“, a  classic Greek love song which means “I Love You”. It’s so simple and so appealing that you simply feel like you wrote it, you know it, it’s yours. How many classic love songs you can … Read more

Tifles Elpides – Giannis Kotsiras

Giannis Kotsiras sings “Tifles Elpides”, a Greek song which in English means “Blind Hopes”. Hopes don’t have territories and flags, they don’t require passports, but still…There is something in this song, in its lyrics and music that is so Greek, … Read more

Se vlepo sto potiri mou – Tzeni Vanou

Tzeni Vanou sings “Se vlepo sto potiri mou“, one of the most famous laika Greek songs which means “I See You in My Glass”. What love and glass have in common? It seems – so much when love is drunk … Read more

Agapi pou gines – Melina Mercouri

Melina Mercouri sings “Agapi pou ‘gines dikopo mahairi”, a Greek song meaning “Love, turned into a double-edged dagger”. The song was performed in the Greek movie “Stella”, one of the most characteristic movies in Melina’s career. “Agapi pou ‘gines” is … Read more

Den Eisai Edo – Dimitra Galani

Dimitra Galani sings “Den eisai edo“, a powerful Greek song which means “You are not here”. Even if you don’t speak any Greek you know from the very beginning what this song is about. Suggestive and probing Dimitra’s voice coupled … Read more

Anathema se – Pantelis Thalassinos

Pantelis Thalassinos sings “Anathema se”, a popular Greek song meaning “Damn You”. “Anathema se” is a cry sent out out of despair, weakness, revenge, who knows what not?! It’s also a song sung by Thalassinos with such a dedication to … Read more

Den Thelo Na Ksereis – Anna Vissi

Anna Vissi sings “Den Thelo Na Ksereis” , a Greek song which  in English means  “I Don’t Want You to Know”. It is maybe one of the heaviest yet most wonderful Greek song about love, loss and – love, again! … Read more

Den ksero poso s’agapo – Vicky Moscholiou

Vicky Moscholiou sings “Den ksero poso s’agapo” a famous Greek song meaning “I don’t know how much I love you”. The song “Den ksero poso s agapo” refers to a strong and big love, that cannot be measured or limited, … Read more

Ela pou fovamai – Natassa Theodoridou

Natassa Theodoridou sings “Ela pou fovamai” a very popular Greek song that means “I just happen to be afraid”. Ela pou fovamai is a song sung by many hurt hearts, that feel that the end is coming and that the … Read more

Oi filoi mou haramata – Haris Alexiou

Haris Alexiou sings “Oi filoi mou haramata“,  a Greek Song meaning “My friends at dawn”. With “Oi Filoi Mou haramata” Haris Alexiou amazes us with her gracious voice full of longing and love in this song that she composed and … Read more

Etsi ksafnika – Antonis Remos

Antonis Remos sings “Etsi Ksafnika” which means “So suddenly”, a Greek song for the loves that enter our lives all of a sudden, they change the way we think and act, and then they leave also so suddenly, the same … Read more

Ela pare mou ti lypi – Eleni Tsaligopoulou

Ela pare mou ti lypi means “Come take my the sorrow away” and it is a Greek song written by the unforgettable composer Manos Hadjidakis, sung by Eleni Tsaligopoulou. The song “Come, take the sorrow away from me” is joyful, … Read more

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